Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tasha is taking over!

So, you all know we have a new family member, Tasha. What you dont know is that in one week, she appears to have grown quite a bit, and has taken over the playroom!!!
Here, she is actually playing with one of HER toys, but usually, she is quite content biting the head off a barbie doll, chewing wheels off cars, and oh, attacking ponytails! Cant forget the ponytails...girls, guard your hair! Just because it is attached to your head, doesnt mean she cant play tug of war with it!
The kids have a little Dora couch, that also unfolds and can be used as a little bed. They love this couch! I guess Tasha loves it too!!

This is what happened when Lexi tried to lay on her couch.... (yes, that is Tasha, pulling Lexi by the foot!!) Aaaahhh, puppies! Gotta love them!

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