Monday, March 15, 2010


On March 10th, April and I traveled to Orlando to see Michael Buble in concert. We had awesome seats on the floor, but the best part was they brought out a second stage and set it up right in front of us!! We were the first ones at the stage and Michael sang right to us....well, to me anyway!! (ha ha). By far, the BEST concert I have ever gone to!
me sitting on the speaker equipment!
April and I
yes, that is April and I on the Jumbo Tron, kissing Michael!!
LOVE his face here!!!!
This is when he came out to the second stage
and I was right next to him!!!!

Superbowl DIsney

In the past, we always tried to go to Disney on Superbowl Sunday because that is "said" to be the least crowded day of the year.....and until this year, that was true!
We decided to make a day of it and drive up to Disney and surprise Chris and Brittany, who had already planned to go. Apparently, the news of "Superbowl Sunday" got out, because it was quite busy, but we still had a blast, despite the 45 degree temp!

Sorry, but this photo cracks me up!!!! It isn't as gross as it looks....Lexi was looking through a hole in the Mickey tree. I zoomed in to get her face and didn't realize how obscene it would look until I downloaded them onto the computer!! lol
The family (plus one, minus two) ~Chris was taking the photo, Jessi wasn't there, and the extra child is Courtney, Chris and Jessi's sister.
Lexi, inside the Pirates of the Caribbean! BIG eyes!
At the end of a LONG day!!! Kids were tired and crying!!!
The Beautiful Castle!


Day at Playmobil with friends!

Dare Devils and Firemen

Something tells me this car was not meant to be rode on like this!
Like father...Like son!

South Florida Fair

Well, this post comes about 2 months after the actual day that we went to the fair.....I have been SO busy and have not had a chance to update the blog in a while. Sorry!!
We had a great time at the fair and to my surprise, the kids LOVED the rides!!! This is a big change from last year!!!

Mason riding the dragon
Lexi petting the baby cow!
Lex wanted NO part of this ride!
Daddy trying to get out of the fun house!
Daddy and Aubrey! Her face says it all!!!!
Daddy and Mason
Daddy and Lexi

Friday, February 5, 2010


I can't believe the last time I posted was on Christmas!! Well, a lot has gone on in the past month. Starting with the failure of potty training! I had the bright idea to tell the kids that I had written to Santa and asked him to take all the diapers out of the house when he left presents. He left enough to get us through Christmas day, and the next day, we went full speed ahead with potty training! BIG mistake!!! The girls ended up being terrified of the potty and therefore "held" their pee in!! This created a major bladder infection in Aubrey (we found this out 5 urine bags and 1 catheter later) It was awful! Needless to say, we started buying diapers again and I am in NO hurry to potty train them! When their ready, they will let me know!!!

In other news, we have sent in our application for Mason to Pine Jog Elementary. We PRAY he gets in! It is an amazing school and I feel he will really enjoy the science atmosphere. In addition, the school is one of only a few "green" schools! It is just gorgeous. I will keep you posted....we wont hear anything until April!

I have been busy with merging my multiples group with another local group. Both groups are fabulous and I look forward to the merge "completion" which will take place on March 1st. I am remaining president of the group and know this was a good decision!!

Wayne is no longer working at the clinic. It was a lot for him: working as a firefighter full-time and then working as a medical assistant part-time. He wasn't happy there and I am happy he left! (so are the kids, because he is home more now!!)

Pictures of the South Florida Fair to come....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Zoo with friends

Today was a great day! We met our friends Stephen and Danielle at the zoo with their boys, Sebastian and Spencer. It is hard for our families to get together these days, so I cherish the time that we get to see them!! The kids all had so much fun together and we are going to try to do this more often!! Not only are we the Godparents of each others' children, but we are like family and we miss them a ton!!

Little Monkeys!!
Sebastian and Mason, feeding the goats
Looking at the monkeys
Aubrey and Lexi
The kids in front of the alligator
(in the upper right hand corner, in front of the bush)

Terrible photo of me, but Danielle look beautiful, as always!