Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Potty Time!

Last night, before I put the girls in the bathtub, I put them on the I do every time, to get them used to it. Chris and Brittany were here for a visit and I was explaining to Brittany that they usually just sit there, looking at me with this look of confusion. But atleast they are getting used to the potty and someday soon, they will actually use it for something other than a seat!

Last night was different! I heard Lexi saying "pee pee", but didnt really pay much attention to it, as I usually say "pee pee" to them when I put them on the potty! Then, Brittany said "Holly, I think she went!" To my surprize, Lexi went pee pee!!! What a big girl!!! Everyone ran into the bathroom clapping and saying "What a good girl, Lexi!" She was SO proud of herself!!

I hope this continues...and I hope that Aubrey isnt far behind. It will be SO nice to get past the expensive diaper phase!

Now, everytime Lexi walks past the bathroom I hear her say "pee pee...yay!" and clap for herself! Let the potty fun begin!

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  1. We too are Potty training! We give them "high five's" each time they pee in their potty. Some days are better than others! I just hope that all of ours are out of diapers by their next birthday! Good Luck! love, Cathy & the quads