Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nana can fix it!

A few days ago, Aubrey took quite a tumble off of her Princess Car. (out the front door, to be exact!) She landed face first on the concrete and managed to bang up her face pretty good. She had a huge goose egg on her forehead which bruised almost immediately. In addition, I think her nose took a direct hit! She had quite a few cuts and scrapes on it!
You wouldnt know it by looking at this picture, but she has been quite crabby! This, on top of cutting 4 canine/eye teeth at the same time! She has been unbearable to say the least and I have just wanted to run and hide!

THEN...Nana came over!! What a saving grace! Not only was it nice to have adult conversation (even if we had to shout above the kids), but just having her here made me feel better!! There has to be something about the comfort of a grandmother holding you, because not 5 minutes after nana picked up Aubrey and hugged her, this is what happened....

Thank you, Nana! You saved the day!

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  1. Don't you just love that! Brendan is that way with my mom. He just LOVES his Grandma! BTW, all 4 of mine are teething their eye teeth too! It is HELL! See you soon!

    Love, Cathy & the quads