Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The best daddy in the world!

Wayne decided that he wanted to take the kids to the zoo for Father's Day! It has been record high heat here...so needless to say, it was not an all day event. We still had a great day, and daddy even got to sneak in an afternoon nap!!

Relaxing in mommy and daddy's bed Father's Day morning
Aubrey and Mason in the car (not Mason's best "cheese" face)
Lexi in her seat
Daddy...making mommy drive!
Daddy and his little ones (Aubrey was a tad camera shy!)
Looking at the animals!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Head On Collission

With three toddlers running around, you're bound to have injuries...usually on a daily basis. However, the other night when Mason and Aubrey collided, (her head into his eye), Mason's eye bruised and swelled up almost immediately. Aubrey had a goose egg which was gone the next morning. Mason was not so lucky...
He is still beautiful, even with a black eye!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Goldfish, Goldfish...EVERYWHERE!

Never trust your 2-year old with an economy-size box of goldfish.....

...and here comes the dog to "help" clean-up!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Look how I've Grown!

Mason and Mrs. Fountain on the first day of school

Mason and Mrs. Fountain on the last day of school

last day of school!

Friday, May 29th was the last day of school for Mason. He had a great first year of preschool. He made a ton of new friends, learned so much, and really seemed to LOVE going to school! His first teacher, Mrs. Fountain, was such a blessing! She really made Mason's first school experience an enjoyable one! She is an amazing teacher and we will miss her next year when Mason moves on to the next classroom. All of the teachers in Holy Cross preschool are wonderful! They all deeply care about the children and love what they do! With that said, I know that next year will be just as wonderful and we are already looking forward to it!

Last chapel of the school year
Mason's class:
Elsie, Mason, Reese, Mia, Jack, Sklya, & Mrs. Fountain
David was absent this day.
Mason and Sophia
Cleaning the "tunnel"
Mason and Elsie
Blowing bubbles with friends
Mason and Reese