Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Hutch!!

Unfortunately, we have a very small kitchen and very few cabinets! We decided it was time to get a hutch so that we could have more storage space. The more we searched, the more expensive the hutches seemed to get!

We took a drive down to Faith Farm (where we have NEVER been able to find what we are looking for...). Thankfully, we did this on a day that Mason was in preschool, so we only had 2 out of 3 sets of hands grabbing things in a very cluttered store. The hutch aisle is toward the back of the store and you have to literally walk sideways to see anything. I was so frustrated that I was ready to leave, but I told Wayne to wait with the girls in the stroller while I tried to shimmy my way down the aisle...cutting my shoulder on the way as I bumped into a piece of glass sticking out of one of the doors!

About 1/2 way down, I came across a find! Usually, I cannot see past the "surface" and picture the outcome, but I looked past all the smoke that had been baked on to this thing and could see potential! We bought it for $79!!

I call this color "cigarette smoke yellow" YUK!
Not too bad once Wayne sanded all the smoke off!
I guess you could say we have a "country" style to our house. We have a lot of red accents and decided to go along with that theme. Originally, we were going to stain it the same color as our table, but we decided to go for it and go bold!!

A few months later, we have a beautiful, brand new hutch!! I am so thankful I didn't turn and run at the original appearance!

The one cabinet looks really "roughed up" here, but it isn't any more sanded than the rest of it. Not sure if it was just the angle or what, but it is all equally antiqued. Not bad for $79, a sander, and a can of paint!

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  1. Don't forget about the labor!! That has to be worth a couple hundred! (=
    Love, Cathy & her quads