Monday, August 10, 2009

Date with Sophia!!

Today was "date day". The day Mason has been waiting for!!! Sandra and I made plans to get the kids together for a play date and lunch. We met at the Clematis Library downtown, and I must say, this library is amazing!! The elevator ride was torture, since Lexi has the same phobia that Mason had when he was her age, but other than that, the library was a blast!! The whole third floor is for kids! They have interactive play sections, train tables, computers, a movie was so much fun and definitely some place I plan to visit more often! ~and it must be told that Mason made a necklace for Sophia at the library...he even put it on her!! aaahhhh, puppy love!

After the library, we went for pizza. Again, this is another place I plan on going back to! The restaurant had great food and the kids were free! Can't beat that. After lunch and a few dollars blown in the arcade, it was time to get home and put the girls down for a nap. Mason was sad to leave Sophia! I have not broken the news to him that she will not be back at Holy Cross Preschool this year! He is going to be very sad about that!! But, we will just have to use that as an excuse to get together more often. Sandra was very sweet and I really enjoyed spending the day with her and her girls.

The girls love Sophia as well and she, as well as her sister Gabby, are SO good with them! When we got to the restaurant, Lexi did not want to hold my hand. She kept saying "Ophia hand"!

The necklace in the making...
Sandra caught the kids snuggled up here, reading books together!


  1. SO adorable! He is gonna love reading about this when he gets older. Hopefully you will be able to keep in contact with her family once they are at different schools! I remember when Dustyn's little girlfriends left to go to public school. He was heartbroken! Hopefully Mason will take it much better! (= BTW, I want to check that library out! Looks like fun!
    Love, Cathy & her quads

  2. Looks likfe fun! Maybe a great spot for a playgroup date???