Monday, August 10, 2009


This past Saturday, August 8th, we took the kids to see Dora Live! We decided since this was the first show that the girls would ever see, it might be wise to pay a little more for the balcony seats, so we could be in our own section and have a quick escape if the need should arise!

Our little orchestra box was perfect! The girls ran around until the show started and then sat and watched the whole thing. Mason never moved from his seat and I dont think he ever took his eyes off the stage!! We had snacks, drinks, and even changed some diapers up there!! It was wonderful!

The show was really cute! Diego even made a special appearance with Baby Jaguar. We had one tiny meltdown, when the lights went very dim and Dora asked everyone to jump up and down. Surprisingly, it was Aubrey who lost it! She quickly calmed down and began waving her Dora star around in the air with the rest of them!!
It was a great day!!
The girls running around before the show.
There's Dora!
The Map
Little Mace
Diego and Boots
The City of Lost Toys: where Dora found her teddy bear.
Aubrey waving her star and saying "bye bye" to Dora

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