Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Look how we've grown!"

Mason just had his "Look how we've grown" play at preschool. As usual, I was in tears watching my little baby sing his little heart out. He was the cutest caterpillar I have ever seen!

~I apologize that these photos are so dark. I have no idea what happened!

solo #1 ~"Butterfly, Butterfly on my toes. Butterfly, Butterfly on my nose"
Mason started his lines and then said "I forgot". It was priceless! But the way he says "butterfly" was the best part of all. He says his "f's" like an "s". So, he said "buttersly, buttersly" He was just adorable and people are still talking about it!

solo #2 ~I'm bringing home a baby caterpillar"

"The itzy bitzy caterpillar climbed up the water spout..."

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