Sunday, March 8, 2009

A new tank....finally!

As most of you know, since before Christmas, "Fireman Mason" has been asking for a tank....a fire tank! You know, the air tanks that go on your back? We have searched high and low for one and finally found a company that sold them, but they have been sold out since November!!! Finally, Brittany found a website that explained how to make them, and told Wayne about it. Who knew that an empty soda bottle could come in so handy!! Well, Wayne "the tool man" Kenimer went to work! He even has a mask on there, complete with a hose and reflector tape!!! Honestly, this looks so much better than the one we would have bought for $11.95, had it been available!!!

Mason just LOVES it!!!!!
He is holding the mask cant see it that well, but it is a real mask!!

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