Saturday, February 28, 2009

Outside Fun!

The swing set we bought for the kids' birthday's last year was definitely the best investment! Mason and Aubrey go on everyday!!

A little blurry, since she was actually swinging, but Aubrey just LOVES the swings!! Instead of "push", she says "pull"! She wants us to grab her feet and pull. Then let go so she goes really high! I am surprised at how daring she is!

Again, a little blurry since he was swinging, but still a cute one!

Lexi is just like her daddy. She does not like swings! She wont even sit on it, not moving! She will climb up the rock wall and play in the "fort", but she is definitely going to be the one that sits off the rides at the amusement parks. She doesn't even like the slide!
Lexi was pointing to the camera saying "see". She loves to see herself in the camera after the photo is taken! I think she might just be a little model!

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