Friday, February 13, 2009

Has it been a week already?

WOW! I cant believe it has been a week since I last wrote or posted pictures! This has been a crazy week! Mason and I have both been sick with a bad cold. He still has a cough, I still have close to no voice. (and as you can probably tell, I am quite medicated and am finding it hard to concentrate, so I apologize if this is all over the place!)

Aubrey now has pink eye!! We have never dealt with that in our house and I certainly hope we never have to again. The medication for this is more torture than anything else. I literally have to pin poor Aubrey down and drop two drops into each eye...three times a day! Now, keep in mind, Aubrey is a strong girl, and I am not at my best right now. She about took me out this morning! The silver lining here is that our pediatrician said that this is not the contagious pink eye (let me rephrase that: he doesnt THINK it is the contagious pink eye). So, I hope we are in the clear as far as Lexi and Mason are concerned.

Anyway, despite the illnesses and injuries (yes, now Lexi has a cut on her face...thank you, Mason), I still managed to take a few photos of the kids. Enjoy!

How cute is he?

Mason going in for the kill with Elsie
(hhhmmm, maybe April and I will be sisters one day!!!)

Some of the girls from PBC Multiple Mommies at my house for a playdate. What a wonderful group! I just love these girls!

Lexi riding the fire truck on a chilly South Florida day!

The girls holding hands outside! too cute!

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