Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Fort!

Last year, we bought a wooden swing set for the kids. There was a big open space under the "fort" for a sand box. However, we already had a sandbox, and it was larger than this space! So, for a whole year, that space just grew weeds and begged for some TLC.

Recently, Wayne (Mr. Handyman) decided to close it in and make a little house out of it: complete with a door, windows AND tile floor!!!! We painted the outside the same color of the trim on our house and then let the kids go to town with some other colors. They had a blast making hand prints and smearing paint on their new house!!!

Daddy even put some "kids graffiti" on it: Danger, Members Only, Keep Out....all spelled wrong, with backwards letters! Very Cute Touch!

Yes, even Tasha likes it!

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