Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Alligator

Today, Mason came running in the back door yelling "mommy, Tasha chased an alligator into the pool!" Naturally, I said "oh poor lizard, let's go get him out". To which Mason replied "no mommy, it isn't a lizard, it's an alligator!"

Now in Florida, this wouldn't be too far fetched, but since I have no canal's near my house I thought:
1. if it IS an alligator, he traveled a long way!
2. What if it IS an alligator?
3. How did he get under the baby fence and into the water?

A million things ran through my head. I told Mason to wait inside while I checked out the scene.
He was right, it wasn't a lizard.....but thankfully, it wasn't an alligator either!

As luck would have it, Wayne is working right now. (These things only happen when he isn't home!) As I type this, the iguana is still swimming around the pool! He seems quite happy!


  1. Oh my goodness!! This is just too funny... I'm glad it was just a "cute"(?) iguana though!! Dylan likes to go fishing and came home one day to tell me that there's a REAL alligator living in one of the ponds he fishes .. YIKES!!